We are an academic school and excellence is the tradition.  We follow the same pathway to success in football as we would in chemistry or any other discipline.  Success is the bi-product of a consistent and well planned process.  Our success at Boise High School lies in developing and maximizing the talent of the average athlete.  Every season at every school there is the storied athlete who outworked the competition playing well beyond his potential...or so the story goes.  The reality is that an athlete had the desire to become a storied athlete.  The athlete bought into a process and maximized his abilities within a given area and produced well beyond expectations.  We are going to invest our effort into this athlete, into this young person who believes he can achieve well beyond expectations and is willing to sacrifice that which is demanded.  We are selling  "the brave way"...and it will be on these athletes that we place our hopes and expectations.  We will continually expand this foundation in which we  are committed.  Our student athletes will know and understand what we mean when we speak of "the brave way". 



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