• run the ball effectively​ (4.0 ypc)
      • commitment to inside/outside zone
      • commitment to physical blocking
      • commitment to yards after contact
    • utilize play action effectively (70%)
      • move the sticks with high pecrcentage PA​
      • Take shots off of effective run PA
    • Control the box with the screen game (4.0 ypc)
      • control OLB's with the quick game​
      • utilize the screen game to address pressure
    • control the ball with efficient passing (7.0 ypc)
      • emphasis is on high percentage quick reads​
      • possession is the priority of the passing game
      • utilize running backs in high percentage routes
    • take care of the football (1 turnover)
    • score in the red zone (75%)
    • win the 4th quarter
      • conditioning (gatorade and crossfields)​
      • ball control philosophy

"Offense is versatile and can attack specific areas in specific ways which is an advantage.  Personnel groups are a strategy in which players can be utilized in part for the skills they contribute.  Personnel groups allow us to prioritize our defense and still maintain offensive production.  I've been a proponent of personnel groups for years at various levels and it's simply an efficient way of utilizing personnel.  We will put together personnel groups based on the strengths of our personnel in order to maximize our effectiveness on offense.  Regardless of your strategies, you must run the football in order to win.  My objective offensively is to run a balance of run, screen, and high percentage passing to control the football.  We will be effective on offense.  The most fundamental evaluation of a successful offense is watching the surge on the line of scrimmage and consistently executing your offensive package.  The first is largely determined in the weight room, the second through off season commitment."



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