• ​alignment and stance all facets (100%)
      • ​simple scheme with 100% understanding
      • commitment to alignment checks bi-weekly
    • perfect snaps, holds, ball security
      • emphasize perfection in practice- consequences
    • better average than opponent​
      • punt, punt return, KO, KO return, PAT/FG​
      • daily skill development in all phases
      • simple scheme emphasizing our athletes
    • score on special teams​
      • daily emphasis on finishing through end zone​
      • kick field goals inside the 40 (50%)
        • know specific distaces and hashes for each kicker...use them for what they are trained for
      • run cross fields based on field goals in practice​
    • block a kick (minimum one per game)​
      • 3 rep days on fg block and punt block​
    • no penalties​
      • call penalties and implement consequences in practice​
    • down a punt inside the 10​
      • inside the 10 drill for conditioning​
      • spread punt option inside the 50

"Special teams must be prioritized in terms of practice time allotted, skill development, and personnel invested.  Special teams take up approximately 20% of a football game.  Special teams comprise a much greater percentage when viewed through a game changing lens.  Special teams are an edge we can achieve through practice time allotted and skill development in the off season. Our special teams success lies primarily on our coaching staff (practice plan) and off season commitment (skill positions). "



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