• discipline- conform to team standards
      • punctuality, behavior, performance
    • preparation- lift, study, and perfect your craft
      • you can never re-capture a training day
    • motivation- pursue your goals with enthusiasm
      • "all in"...everyone is headed the same direction
    • accountability- be a team player, do your job
      • "there is no I in TEAM"​
    • flexibility- excel in the necessary role
      • pursue your passion, redirect as necessary

​​"Coaches are held to the same standards and are asked to provide leadership within that context.  We want discipline within our staff and will provide discipline within our program.  We are also teachers and mentors within our player-coach relationship as well as within the coaching staff itself.  My vision is that the more experienced coaches will empower the younger members of our staff through self discipline, work ethic, and short, a very positive attitude!  The chemistry doesn't end there!  Parents, boosters, administration, students, and alumni all play a vital part in team chemistry.  It is critical that our community  have high expectations and hold us accountable to those expectations.  Boise High School is an outstanding institution with high expectations across the board."



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